Top tips for productivity 

Tip No:1


If you want to stay on track with your schedule, try to plan out each day. You can do this based on a weekly schedule where you plan a week ahead, or if you’re more of a to-do list person, you can do daily schedules! This is a preference kind of thing, up to you which one you like best! But whether you plan weekly or daily, make sure that you have a plan for each day. Schedule your study activities, social activities and other things on the day they are set so you don’t forget about them. Creating a schedule for all your activities can also help minimise stress since you have everything in one place now, but also increaser your productivity!

Tip No:2


The results of numerous studies have shown that ‘multitasking’ leads to lower performance. This is because every time we shift our focus to another task we lose time, make more mistakes and waste our energy in the long run. Trying to do two or more tasks at once will decrease your efficiency on all of the tasks. Instead of task-switching, try to focus on one task for a chosen amount of time, then put this task aside and work on another task. This way, you’re not shifting back and forth between tasks and you’re using your energy in a productive way. 

Tip No:3


Breaks are often seen as a waste of time where you could be doing more important things. But taking breaks is actually very important to keep your productivity flow going. Allowing your brains to rest from times to time (even if it’s just 5-10 mins) can be very beneficial for your focus, productivity and energy! Take regular breaks during the day and you’ll experience a better workflow for sure. You can take different kinds of breaks too, you can step away from your desk and go for a walk or you could just go for coffee with a friend. Doesn’t matter if the breaks are short or long, that’s up to you! 

Tip No:4


Working near natural light can boost your sleep pattern, which leads to a higher productivity level and better focus. Natural light can also help you during the day because it is usually the time where most people feel more energised. Although some people prefer to work after sunset, the majority of people function better when it’s light out. If you live in a place where the sun sets very early, you can always invest in a sunlight lamp, so you can still enjoy the benefits of working near natural light during the day.