Overcoming Isolation as a University Student

Most individuals who move from their home to attend university will leave behind all of their former social circles and peers, and will have to adjust to an entirely different setting. Aside from homesickness, this change can result in real loneliness and estrangement, which can have a significant impact on our mental health. Here, we’ll look at various strategies for dealing with and overcoming isolation.

Never think that you’re failing university.

It’s an issue that almost everyone thinks about whether they’re feeling lonely, homesick, or having difficulty adjusting. “Am I doing something wrong? Is it true that I’m not as good as everyone else? “Am I really capable of doing this?” Yet, being lonely at university is much more frequent than you may realise. In reality, the majority of students go through something similar at some point. So, regardless of whether you’re lonely, you’re not truly alone. However, it is critical to address it because isolation can lead to emotions of anxiety or despair if not addressed appropriately.

Spend time in communal spaces.

You will most likely have access to shared spaces at both the institution and your residence. On campus, this could be a coffee shop, a student union bar, or anything similar. If its not a communal place on Campus, it can either be a shared kitchen or living space in your accommodation. Don’t be reluctant to greet people you see in these places, especially as they grow more acquainted with you. It’s crucial to remember that most students attending university for the first time are experiencing the same feelings of unfamiliarity and embarrassment that you are. Most of them want to make friends and just need a little assistance in doing so. 

Join a social group

Many of us find it difficult to make relationships with nearly anyone. We all operate at our own paces and levels of ease, and meeting others with similar interests can make it a lot smoother to strike up a discussion and get to know someone. For example, if you’re not into the university party scene, you might have a harder time making friends at first. Joining a local group, on the other hand, is a simple method to meet individuals who match your pace. Volunteering clubs, cultural societies, athletic or recreational teams, and so on are all likely to be found on or near your campus.

Maintain contact with family and friends back home

For many people, feelings of loneliness and homesickness are inextricably linked. Although it is not a comprehensive answer in and of itself, maintaining in touch with loved ones back home can be extremely beneficial. You don’t want to contact them so frequently that you rely on them more than the others around you, but a daily discussion or talking twice a day can be quite soothing. 

Discover how to appreciate yourself and your company

If you’re feeling isolated despite having friends and people to talk to, it may be time to figure out a way to be satisfied with being alone. Consider things to do on your own while in the town, such as exploring your neighbourhood, visiting museums, walking through the parks, and so on. Managing to have some form of tranquillity when you’re alone isn’t something that everyone learns right away. If you’re a total social butterfly, you’ve probably never felt anxious with regard to being on your own.

Have a conversation with someone

Yet again, this may seem like a no-brainer, but it requires repeating. If you believe that your feelings of isolation are becoming more frequent, or that you may be suffering from anxiety, depression, or other emotional health difficulties, you should seek help from someone more qualified. Most universities provide some form of counselling, and this is exactly the type of circumstance that it is meant for. 

Even if we have friends at university and maintain contact with former acquaintances, we may experience feelings of loneliness. Even if you have people around you, there is nothing “wrong” about feeling lonely. It’s still a valid feeling, and one that should be addressed.

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