4 points to consider when moving into student accommodation

For the majority of individuals, moving into student accommodation in university is the first time they spent time without their parents, so selecting a student house is both thrilling and terrifying. Handling your own expenses and staying on top of chores is more difficult than you think, and it requires a significant change. If you are getting ready to start university or are in your second year and looking for housing, here are a few essential suggestions for moving into student accommodation. 

Selecting the ideal flatmates 

There’s a tremendous difference among being friends versus living with someone. Many students make the error of moving in with someone they get along with, only to discover that they despise living with them. It might be that they are messy and you are neat, or that they enjoy going out and you do not. Establishing an appropriate compromise and getting along with flatmates can be difficult, but it’s a lot simpler if you start with the correct individuals. 

Think about hiring a moving company 

Majority of students count on their parents to assist them move things, but if you have a lot of belongings or live in another country, you should think about hiring a moving company.  Your belongings will not be harmed, and it will spare your parents from having to drive back and forth several times. You should also aim to streamline your belongings before the transfer and get rid of anything unnecessary. The less items you must transport, the easier the transfer will be. 

Make a cleaning schedule 

This might seem like the kind of dull counsel your parents would offer you, and you may believe you shouldn’t care. People always expect that everything will be alright and that the cleaning will be completed, but this is not the case. Set up a cleaning schedule from the beginning to avoid many disagreements and to ensure that the house is kept in a decent condition. 

Check the inventory

Following your move into a new home, the landlord will conduct an inventory of everything that’s in the house as well as any issues that existed prior you moved in. They will go through this once you move out, and if you are responsible for any additional damage, they will deduct it from your deposit. The concern is that some landlords will try to take advantage of you by demanding money for damage that has previously existed. That’s why you should take a personal inventory and document any damage so you can demonstrate that you didn’t cause it and get your money back. 

Moving into a place of your own is a thrilling part of the university experience, but it’s necessary that you adopt these recommendations if you want to make the most of it. My Student Living is here to help you find your perfect home for the best experience of your life. Contact a member of the team today!